I can always rely on Launtel to be there for support if it's ever needed. Great stuff!

Jacob - JKB Web Solutions

Our Products & Services

Launtel offers all the fancy telecommunications products and services that the ‘big players’ do, but without any of the frustrations.

We don’t remain anonymous behind the phone.
We’ll come to you so we can see and discuss your requirements.

We don’t baffle you with ‘tech speak’.
We’ll talk plain English and help you understand the products most suited to your business needs.

We don’t pressure you into buying today’s special.
We’ll suggest to you the solution most appropriate to your needs.

We don’t forget you once you’ve purchased our products and services.
We’re always happy to provide you with trial products, we follow up to make sure our products and services are meeting your needs and we guarantee everything we provide.

We don’t leave you to resolve problems with someone overseas.
We’ll come to you personally and solve the problem immediately.

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