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Dean Mance - Mance Electrical, Invermay

Hosted Telephone Systems (PBX)

Telephone technology for business is changing as quickly as the weather and as a result telephone lines, services, products and systems have become significantly cheaper than they were. They’re also now much more efficient and easier to manage.

If you still have an old telephone system in your business then Launtel knows you can save an average of 35 - 45% per annum, depending on the size of your business, by considering today’s digital technology known as hosted telephone systems (hosted PBX).

So what is a hosted telephone system?

The old technology phone systems that sit at reception and receive and transfer all your calls are expensive to operate because they rely on hardwired lines. Each one of these lines can only handle one call at a time. So like most businesses you’ve probably got several lines coming into your business to ensure you don’t miss calls. The more handsets and people you have in your office, the more lines you need to keep the system efficient.

Hosted PBX systems do away with those lines by moving the switching of your calls into a large server hosted off site. Multiple voice calls are then received via a single high speed data connection rather than the old PABX format of one call per line. An average ADSL2+ connection for example can support up to 10 simultaneous incoming calls.

Best of all calls made between your offices and staff, no matter where they are located, are free. There are also numerous additional benefits such as highly flexible after hours messaging, information on hold, emailed voice mails, and no maintenance or repair issues. You can also connect calls to staff who are external of the office, via their landline or mobile, or even their home internet phone, as if they were sitting in the office next to you.

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